The video that did it for us!

by Adriana

The video that did it for us!

I am new to this… not reading blogs (I spend about 75% of my free time reading other people’s blogs) but writing blogs. Please excuse me if I ramble or go off topic… and please let me know your thoughts!

I was wasting some time on Netflix yesterday and came across a TED Talk by Graham Hill in which he talks about becoming a “Weekday Vegetarian.” Basically he spends Monday to Friday eating as a vegetarian and then on Saturday and Sunday, he choses whether or not to eat meat.

My husband and I have always been particularly drawn to vegetarianism but were never ready to commit to it 100% – and how do we make a 2 year old and a 4 year old vegetarian and ensure they get appropriate nutrients without doing a lot of research and hours of reading? This was our solution. Sure, we could have come up with it ourselves, but we hadn’t and seeing this made me realize that we could set our own parameters. 

So… starting 1 April 2012, my (soon to be formerly-meat-loving) family of four will become Weekday Vegetarians.

On this blog I will post everything that we go through in this experience (recipes, information, successes and tantrums) in an attempt to help others see if they want to do something like this too!