Day 1.

by Adriana

Well, we took the plunge, and, so far, so good. Here is our first day as Weekday Vegetarians in food. I noticed our plates were really colourful and everyone was really excited to make choices in their meals and snacks.

Cereal for breakfast!


The kids asked for cereal and on rushed mornings, I am more than happy to oblige. To keep things easy, I had cereal too. I am really into graham squares right now but for good measure, I feel like I have to sprinkle some All Bran Bran Buds on top – I get my sugar and my fibre too. On another note, I might try to switch the kid’s cow’s milk with almond milk in the near future, but plan to compare them on here to figure out what the big deal with almond milk is. I really am a newbie.

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and Veggies with Hummus


We had some snacks throughout the day, but given that our snacks were not usually meat-centred anyway, that wasn’t difficult. Here’s the first meal that I thought might be a challenge. I usually make my daughter a naturally preserved cold-cut sandwich for school, but we needed another option. And a healthier one.  She really likes pasta for lunch, so I decided to start with that and will try to get more creative as time goes on. I don’t want to bombard her with 100% new food at every meal as I don’t want her packed lunches for school to come back untouched. Because my son and I are home, we had grilled cheese sandwiches with fresh veggies and hummus. My son, literally, ate it up. I think he liked that he could dip his carrots and tomatoes and cucumbers into something that made him eat them all. Actually, he wasn’t even that interested in the grilled cheese, but the fact that he was eating without me constantly asking him to “eat, focus, Hello?!?, eat, Darius, eat… EAT,” was a pleasure.

Pizza Party!!!


For dinner, we had the best intentions to try something we hadn’t done before as our initiation dinner into Weekday Vegetarianism, but a walk to the park, a last minute to-do list with the kids and a quick stop-in at a friends didn’t leave us with much time to pull dinner together, so we went with an old favourite and just made it vegetarian… homemade pizza!

We take a store bought dough and divide into three balls. We prefer thin crust pizza so we can have a bigger variety of toppings on the pizzas. My daughter went first and asked for “pepperoni, black olives and mushrooms.” I reminded her that we are not eating meat and she was happy to omit it – no complaints. Maybe if she knew we still had pepperoni in the fridge, things would have been different, but she’s still at the age where, what we say (for the most part) goes. And she’s a good sport. My son, honestly, could care less about having “his” toppings on the pizza and just prefers to have 1 or 2 slices of everyone else’s concoctions. (Some things he eats without being prompted; lunch is not one of them). We all made our pizzas merrily and enjoyed our pizza tasting party. If this is living like a vegetarian, bring it on.

If you have any suggestions or recipes or links that would be useful for us, please leave them below!