Day 2.

by Adriana

Mushroom and Fontina Quiche

Dinner, day 2 was a little more extravagant. I decided to make a mushroom and fontina quiche. Whoever said “real men don’t each quiche” never had one with mushrooms and fontina in it. It was delicious – cheesy and mushroomy (thanks to the dried mushrooms we picked up at Costco) and the crust was perfectly cooked. The kids like mushrooms, but I think this had too many mushrooms in it for them. My Mother-In-Law was over for dinner and she liked it a lot. For the inside of the quiche, I diced the fontina which meant that when you dug into it there were ooey-gooey pieces of cheese. I also sprinkled some fontina on top for that nice golden colour.

If I can go off topic for a second, I have to recommend the best APP and website I have found since having an iPhone and computer. EPICURIOUS. If you have a Smart phone and like to cook, download EPICURIOUS. If you don’t have a Smart phone, check out:

I got the recipe for this quiche from there and since I downloaded the app, pretty much everything that I have cooked has come from this source. It lets you put in an ingredient, a meal, a dietary restriction, ANYTHING and will search several sources to find you recipes within your search limits. Or, you can just browse around, choose favourites, make shopping lists, I don’t need to sell this to you… it sells itself. So when we decided to become Weekday Vegetarians, of course I checked out Epicurious for new, interesting and delicious recipes. This quiche comes from the October 2009 Bon Appetit.

I served this with a spinach, strawberry, and sliced almond salad with a *homemade* poppy seed dressing. When I was doing my grocery shopping the other day, I was looking at the prepared salad dressings (in the aisles not in the refrigerator section) and I picked up the poppy seed dressing. I honestly couldn’t recognize or pronounce the ingredients in the dressing and this bothered me. I did a simple search online, found a recipe, tried it and was amazed at how easy and delicious it was. However, it made me think about all those preservatives and pointless things in those salad dressings and how glad I am that we are not eating them.

Click here for the quiche recipe.*

For the poppy seed salad dressing recipe, click here.

*I added reconstituted dried mushrooms and diced the fontina inside the quiche. I also pre-baked the crust for only 10 minutes and then poured the filling in as the reviews of the recipe had people complaining of burnt crust!