Day 3.

by Adriana

Yves Veggie Burgers

Dinner, day 3. Today we went with something we KNEW the kids would like – hamburgers and “french fries.” I bought the Yves Bistro burgers and we fried them up on the stovetop, had the kids pick their condiments and then fried some potatoes for their “french fries” with ketchup of course!

PROS of the Yves Bistro Burgers

We appreciate that the Yves burgers didn’t have any artificial preservatives and were chock-full of vitamins, and we also liked their taste – they really did taste like beef burgers.

CONS of the Yves Bistro Burgers

What we didn’t like was that one burger had 23% of an adult’s recommended daily sodium intake, which means the sodium intake for the kids was WAY higher. Normally, we prepare most of the food we eat, limiting the amount of processing and unnecessary sodium and preservatives so once in a while it’s not a big deal to have food like this. But I wouldn’t eat it everyday.

For the most part, we want to reserve prepared vegetarian items like this for nights where we need something fast and tasty that we know the kids will eat. I will likely buy them again, but am inspired to make something completely new, interesting and fresh for dinner tomorrow!

Darius Chowing Down

My guy, eating (and enjoying) his burger!