Resolution no. 9

by Adriana

One of our resolutions is to be more active. I always find this resolution MUCH easier to do when the weather is nice. My kids love going to the park but as much as my husband like seeing them do things on the jungle gym, it loses its appeal after 10-15 minutes. This evening, after going to Costco to pick up our Magic Bullet and Chia seeds for our green smoothies tomorrow, we went to a nearby conservation area and walked around. The kids loved it – my son jumped or ran the entire time (which is exhausting just to watch) and my daughter got a kick out of making “smoke” which was basically her kicking up the dirt path everywhere we went. Our hour plus trip to the conservation area ended with us climbing over a makeshift branch bridge across a bustling stream (much to my dismay) and a climb straight up hill which my husband creatively referred to as a “shortcut.” However, my sarcasm aside, it was a lovely afternoon outside in the sunlight and we all felt ready for a good rest when we got home. Hopefully the weather will cooperate so that we can enjoy more of these hikes in our green spaces! Check back soon for our green smoothies!