by Adriana

This past week has been light on posts. The reason for this is that our family recently lost someone very dear to us. She was a mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, sister, wife, aunt, friend, cousin. My husband’s grandmother (my children’s great grandmother) lived to an amazing 90 years of age. Needless to say, the past few weeks have been difficult and very emotional.

So I won’t be posting about what we had for dinner this evening, or maybe not until we have something interesting for dinner again… next week for sure. But I’d like to share with you some of the thoughts my husband’s grandfather had the evening we said goodbye to the woman that he loved, and was married to, for over 70 years. As I sat with him in the waiting room in the hospital, he told me about what he thought he would like to say at her memorial. He felt that, at 92 years old, he was going to be the oldest person at the memorial and therefore the most qualified to give advice. I think he is right. His main message to those coming on Sunday comes from an old Persian poem which I have been told translates to:

Don’t bring a whole bunch of flowers to my grave. What good are they to me then? 

Instead, bring a single flower to my hand while you still can. 

We need to remember the importance of being there for the people we love and care for while we still can. Whether this a phone call, a message, a card or letter, a visit, even a quick note to say that you are thinking of that person – it really takes so little effort but has such a strong result. Being loving, kind and thoughtful of the people we love, and of all people is so valuable that it not only means a lot to the people to whom we are being loving, thoughtful and kind but it has such a wonderful effect on us.

Cause a chain reaction with kindness, in memory of someone you love.