Green Smoothie M.I.Y.

by Adriana

First off: Happy Mother’s Day! I don’t know about you other mothers out there, but I had a wonderful day with my family. I was taken out for breakfast (and finally filled my bacon craving) and then was taken out for a late lunch (and I had ribs). Needless to say, at about 6 o’clock, I had the worst upset stomach I have had in a long time. I think it was my body’s way of saying why are you eating meat!?!!!!?!!? Anyway, lesson learned… it was too much in one day and I won’t be doing that again. My husband has controlled himself much better and has even started promoting our weekday vegetarianism to anyone who will listen. He loves telling people about our green smoothies but he passes them back to me once they ask how we do them – so, for all those who wonder how we make our version of green smoothies, here is how we do it!