Good morning!

by Adriana


Today I thought I would do a running blog of what we are eating starting with my glorious, in-house cappuccino, made by moi (and with a little help from my Nespresso machine). Eating something great today? Let me know or better yet, send me a photo!!!

This is our green smoothie – this morning my husband made it for us and I almost ended up losing a finger in the magic bullet… true story. Then we had smoked paprika hash browns with scrambled eggs on English muffins! Lunch will be a treat because we are going to a birthday party! Stay tuned!!!

Well, that was a meat-eriffic day. We had hot dogs for lunch with potato salad and coleslaw and then for dinner (after a couple of hours in the pool) we had delicious hamburgers. All four of us are zonked and I completely forgot to take photos of most of what we were eating while we were out except for the most important part – birthday cake!


My children were the only ones in the party room polishing off their dessert plates. Their hotdogs they ate quickly and wanted to get back to playing. But dessert was different, somethings in life aren’t meant to be rushed… like beautiful treat-filled weekends – hope yours was amazing!