“You’re vegetarian? You can have the fish.”

by Adriana

How I Fell in Love with a Fish! TED Talk

A lot of our friends and family have encouraged us since we have become Weekday Vegetarians. In fact, a weekly class I go to (where our host provides breakfast) now makes a meat option and a vegetarian option. People who have us over for dinner often make a vegetarian main to help us have a meat-free option. It’s really great and really humbling to see how people have embraced this healthier lifestyle for us.

Every now and then, people say a comment that makes us laugh every time we hear it.

“You’re a vegetarian, you can have the fish.”

Whether we are out at restaurants or at someone’s house, people treat fish like it isn’t meat. I have had a waitress show me the fish and seafood section of a menu after hearing I was a vegetarian. It’s as if fish marketers have left the impression that it’s not a living thing… so it’s okay to be eaten by vegetarians.

However, given that we occasionally eat meat on weekends, it doesn’t offend us, but I could see how, if you are a full time vegetarian it might be a bit frustrating.

I have attached a link to another TED Talk– this one is very interesting and eye opening. I suggest you watch it, whether or not you’re a fish/seafood eater or a vegetarian. It will definitely open your eyes to the misconceptions of what we are eating and the large food companies perversions of the natural order of things, namely the food chain and how mass, intensive food production is creating flavorless food and destroying our earth. It will also encourage you to think of different ways to encourage local, organic and therefore healthy and tasty food options – like Farmer’s markets or organic grocery stores. I hope it is food for thought!